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Daenerys taunts him for soiling his pants and whining over a tokar and sends him away, but doesn't keep his gold.

Daenerys clarifies that the meeting was her offering them a chance to surrender.

A moment later, Drogon flies up and intimidates the emissaries, with Dany taking flight on his back shortly thereafter.

Grazdan is not specifically mentioned among the Yunkish lords who attend the siege of Meereen and the following battle.

Unlike in the show, his fate and whereabouts are uncertain.

The series has renamed him, as was done with the Astapori Good Master Grazdan mo Ullhor, who was renamed as Greizhen mo Ullhor.

"Grazdan" is a very common name in Slaver's Bay, due to the fact that the founder of the old Ghiscari Empire over five thousand years ago was Grazdan the Great.

Razdal seems intrigued by Tyrion's proposal to end slavery in Astapor and Yunkai gradually with reparations, but seems somewhat unimpressed by the whores that Tyrion offers the envoys at the end of the meeting.

Later, the Masters break their pact with Meereen and assault the city with a large fleet.

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At Daenerys's command, Drogon spits fire at Grazdan, setting his tokar on fire.