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Who is scott weiland dating

According to TMZ, his body was discovered inside his tour bus around p.m.

I can’t remember the first time I met Scott, Robert and Dean De Leo and Eric Kretz, but I remember the first time the name STP was ever uttered to me.

I had just started at Atlantic Records as a publicist when then-label-head Danny Goldberg handed me a cassette tape as he was walking down the hall and said, “You are going to work this…. The band is changing their name to Stone Temple Pilots.” I took the tape into my office and played it.

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W wieku 11-14 lat słuchał hip-hopu, w tym The Sugarhill Gang i Slick Rick.

„Hallelujah” autorstwa Leonarda Cohena)„One Step Closer” • „Crawling” • „Papercut” • „In the End” • „Pts.

Weiland, who struggled with bipolar disorder, turned to heroin and addiction began to dog his musical career.

I remember thinking, “This is going to be a struggle on the press front, but they could be huge.” I had no idea how right I would be.

It was that struggle with the press that drove Scott after the release of their debut, .

Obviously, Scott would have tried drugs with or without this extra luggage—it is part of the “rock” mystique after all—but I do believe that it was a contributing factor; the pen being mightier than the sword and all.

As all human beings, Scott simply longed to be understood and loved.

Marzył, by w przyszłości dołączyć do Stone Temple Pilots.

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