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Who is christina milian dating

She certainly looked in shape with her scanty vest top slashed at the middle to reveal her taut tummy.

Christina landed a job as a "Disney kid" but securing a record deal was her ultimate goal. At 18, I finally came into a relationship with a record label. I'm on the phone and can't do anything, so I called the police. I was brainwashed that I couldn't do anything without him. He had me believe that everyone else was the enemy. In fact, I stopped talking to my family to be with him. When you have a gun in your face, all you can think about is your family and people who love you. I can't live without him but I can't live with him." I was so torn. I was watching an episode on Oprah about domestic violence. It was a girl telling a story of abuse of how she got out of it. My family continued to love and support me despite my fighting with them. I knew that if I spoke to him I would have changed my mind. What would you advise others experiencing domestic violence?

TANYA: Why are you speaking about your domestic violence experience now? I really want to help other people, especially the youth. He'd put fake blood on the floor and say he was dying. I stayed based on fear that he would hurt my family. I remember being that girl in the middle of the gas station trying to call 9-1-1 or my mom and he had me by my hair pulling me back. All you hope for is that someone would save you because you don't know how to save yourself. Also, I didn't think that if I went for help he would receive treatment or even be arrested. I woke up to him choking me to the point I was barely able to scream out. Very often the victim loves the abuser more than herself. When I got to the hotel that night it took every bit of my strength and courage not to call him. But I didn't call him and everyday without him gave me more courage to know I was going to be okay. He even traveled to other countries looking for me. Find a way to separate yourself and change your number.

Christina's marriage to producer, "The Dream" was more like a nightmare. Beauty and love must be within you and you have to learn to love yourself.

His very public cheating no doubt played a role in their divorce.

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And it appears things are going swimmingly between Christina Milian and her new man Matt Pokora as the couple were spotted in Paris this week.

The duo stepped out for a shopping trip on Tuesday, the singer linking arms with the Frenchman as they strolled together.

Christina, 36, rocked skinny jeans with leather patches and a cropped biker jacket over a graphic print t-shirt.

Some Louboutin ankle boots completed the look as well as some silver hoop earrings and matching dainty necklaces.

But there was no rest for the wicked on Friday, as Christina Milian prepared for a festive blowout.