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If so, Timucuan contact with that particular expedition was unlikely.

Augustine in 1565 as the capital of their province of Florida.

While alliances and confederacies arose between the chiefdoms from time to time, the Timucua were never organized into a single political unit.

The people suffered severely from the introduction of Eurasian infectious diseases, to which they had no immunity.

The pre-Columbian era was marked by regular, routine, and probably small tribal wars with neighbors.

The Timucua were organized into as many as 35 chiefdoms, each of which had hundreds of people in assorted villages within its purview.

They sometimes formed loose political alliances, but did not operate as a single political unit. Augustine in 2006 revealed a Timucuan site dating back to between 11 AD, predating the European founding of the city by more than two centuries.

Included in the discovery were pottery, with pieces from the Macon, Georgia, area, indicating an expansive trade network; and two human skeletons. The Timucua may have been the first American natives to see the landing of Juan Ponce de León near St. This notion is up for debate since most historians now agree that the Ponce de León landing point was more likely much further south in Ais territory, near what is today Melbourne Beach.

The name "Timucua" (recorded by the French as Thimogona) came from the exonym used by the Saturiwa (of what is now Jacksonville) to refer to the Utina, another group to the west of the St. The Spanish came to use the term more broadly for other peoples in the area.