Start Validating the vision

Validating the vision

The “Semantic Virtual Cockpit Module” will provide the semantic-based scene graph architecture and management engine.

The SME IT vendors have the chance to individually augment their product portfolios and thus achieve impact on both European and international markets.

The development of a human-cockpit operations analysis module will provide the means and tools for engineers to design aircraft cockpits based on advanced human task analysis methodologies The creation of an immersive tool for augmenting the existing design knowledge in a virtual scene-graph will act as a virtual knowledge-base.

Finally the integration of the modules in a single knowledge-based environment will act as the industrial demonstrator on which the validation activities will take place.

The overall work plan covers a 36 months period of industrial driven requirements, research, development and realization of final demonstrators.

In the first phase, all the necessary input, mainly from industrial partners, will be collected for developing the requirements in terms of technology and application.

The knowledge-based technologies of i-VISION will accelerate the design process through the systematic reuse of knowledge, while allowing for faster and more flexible prototyping of aircraft cockpits.

The analysis of human operations will result in highly competitive cockpits from the end-user’s perspective and will increase the utilization of future aircrafts by allowing human pilots to operate in extreme weather and traffic conditions.

i-VISION will progress the current status of cognitive-human analysis of operations in aircraft cockpits using VR technologies, by advancing the methodologies with requirements from modern operating conditions.