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Validating carrier marketing career

Students in engineering must meet with an engineering advisor every semester and should also meet with an honors program advisor. The first few semesters of all the curricula contain a large proportion of common courses.

Many graduates are CEOs of major companies or enter fields like medicine or law.

The mission of the school is to provide students a high-quality educational experience, to generate and apply knowledge through research, development, and scholarly activity, and to serve society, the state of Kansas, and the engineering profession.

Selecting the major by the beginning of the third semester is strongly encouraged so that the recommended schedule of classes can be followed.

A student seeking an exception to the rules and practices of the school should first consult an advisor and then petition the school to consider the exception.

A strong college preparatory program provides a good background for the student who plans to major in engineering. degree in computer science, interdisciplinary computing, and information technology.

The school encourages all qualified students to participate in the University Honors Program. degree is offered with majors in aerospace engineering, architectural engineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering, computer engineering, electrical engineering, engineering physics, mechanical engineering, and petroleum engineering. Undergraduates usually enroll in engineering in their first year.

Some foreign language courses may be applied toward graduation in engineering programs.