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Updating db5

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They do come back – but its not pretty and makes you sweat! So in short, if you are having problems seeding a Database to a second node, and it is the default created with Exchange 2010 SP1 – delete and try again.

However with 2010 you are no longer required to move the HT/CAS roles onto separate servers – so where to place it?

Obviously the “official” MS answer would probably be to install an additional HT server into your organisation, but why when you have perfectly fine other servers in place?

You may find more details in log file "C:\Exchange Setup Logs\Dag Tasks\dagtask_add-databaseavailabiltygroupserver.log". Add DAG In short, this was due to a the link between myself and Singapore being too slow – which confused me slightly as I thought it had been uplifted in 2010.

A server-side database availability group administrative operation failed. A quick call to the Microsoft partner helpline, and I got this cleared up; In RTM the RPC timeout is 5 minutes – also DAG links must be Where; DB1 is the name of the database MBX1 is the name of the target server requiring a reseed N.

Each of the servers was installed – each created the default “Mailbox 00915125” style databases.

Now, typically I rename and move the EDB/Log location for these – it always seems simpler than moving the System-type mailboxes that are located on the first 2010 mailbox database in an organisation.

However I'm using Linux at home and although I can use the computer classes at the university it is far from convenient (limited open time - my studying time is mostly nights).