Start U pb dating of zircon by la icp ms

U pb dating of zircon by la icp ms

Laser-induced time-dependent fractionation is corrected by normalizing measured ratios in both standards and samples to the beginning of the analysis using the intercept method.

Therefore, both U–Pb and U–Th methods result in similar ages of ~ 0.1 Ma for the Toya Tephra, in agreement with the quartz TL age (104 ± 30 to 118 ± 30 ka) of Ganzawa and Ike (2011).

These are used primarily for sulphide imaging and trace element analyses.

This system is equipped with a Coherent COMPex Pro Ar F Excimer and was set up in 2009. The ablation cell is a constant geometry design produced by Laurin Technic.

Nevertheless, the results of this study provide an example of the type of precision and accuracy that may be possible with this technique under ideal conditions.