Start Three dutch inventions dating from 17th century

Three dutch inventions dating from 17th century

Internal power struggles and the Fulani expansion to the south caused the collapse of Oyo in the early 19th Century.

Bolstered by trade with the Nile region and Trans-Saharan routes, the empire prospered.

In the next centuries, complex political and social systems were developed, particularly after the Bulala invasion in the 14th Century.

Although the people of Benin are primarily Edo, not Yoruba, they share with Ife and Oyo many of the same origins, and there is much evidence of cultural and artistic interchange between the kingdoms.

The King (Oba) o E Benin was considered semi-divine and controlled a complex bureaucracy, a large army, and a diversified economy.

Benin's power reached its apex in the 16th Century.

IGBO AND THE DELTA STATES Many Nigerian cultures did not develop into centralized monarchies.

Yoruba: In the west, the Yoruba developed complex, powerful city-states.