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The cast includes Ottawa’s Edward Charette, Christina Bryson and Cameron Rufelds – who was in the original stage play.

You have to wonder though, what would sex and relationship expert, Rob Weiss, have to say about these forms of intimacy?

The Yale law graduate is a partner at LA’s venerable Gang Tyre Ramer & Brown talent firm, which reps such titans as Steven Spielberg and Clint Eastwood.

“His performance was incredible.” At least Charette had worked with Campanale on one of the director’s early plays back in high school, so he “knew what he was getting into.” Campanale’s company, Lesser Men Productions, is also named after a short film he produced as a teenager – another brooding tale of “bro culture” gone wrong – about teenagers “wasting their lives away” drinking and bragging about girls.“It shows where my tastes were,” the Canterbury graduate says.

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(“Let it be about love” is one such mantra.) According to her website, she sits on the creative council of pro-choice action group Emily’s List and the board of the National Black Theatre in Harlem.

Top Democrat Booker, who is so keen to keep his relationships with women private that some have speculated that he is gay, explained in a 2013 interview he likes to keep his romances under wraps because it’s unfair “to a young lady to put [her] in the spotlight if [she hasn’t] signed up for that yet.” He was linked to high-powered Hollywood entertainment lawyer Bianca Levin that same year.

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