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Terri clark dating

But her debut album, "12 Stories," which peaked at number 23 on Billboard's Top Country chart, took her on a slow-burning path to this year's nomination for new artist of the year at the Country Music Association Awards on Wednesday.

There's a lot of embracing who I am and being happy, having fun and enjoying life.

"I hope that we've broken some boundaries and things are changing.

There's little question that Terri Clark is feeling good these days.

There are songs on the record that visit the sound and spirit that I had in some ways in the late '90s when I was younger, starting out and grabbing life by the horns.

I'm feeling more of that spirit in a calmer and more content way because I'm older and wiser and I've been through a pile of sh--!

"I think it's because I didn't really fit what is a mainstream country artist. I was kinda more your average woman than your average super model, which is why my music resonates though." To call her a dark horse in the awards show is somewhat of an understatement.

She's the only female artist in the new artist category and her album didn't get one single on the country charts.

Anybody who's read anything about my life and knows anything about me, knows how close I was to my mom.