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Mating season for Denobulans harkens back to their more primal history, where males and females will fight for the right to take another mate.

Denobulan diplomats tend to express an almost tireless patience in dealing with others while their friendly demeanor causes others to be at ease.

His ability to meet and interact with new and alien species has marked him as something of a celebrity within the Denobulan medical community. Doctor Phlox has been warmly accepted into the nearly all-human crew of Enterprise, and his extensive medical background has proven invaluable on more than one occasion.

Of note are some of the Doctor’s non-conventional methods of treatment, such as kinji spores and wessa root extract for mild sprains. A clever device to mask both the passage of time and the year the events take place.

They receive the Curious edge at the start of play for free.

Notable Denobulans Doctor Phlox, a participant of the Interspecies Medical Exchange program, is one of the more notable Denobulans in recent history, serving aboard the Starfleet vessel, Enterprise.

Denobulans do not like to be touched and require very little rest.

Homeworld: Denobula Triaxa Culture: Denobulan culture is similar to that of humans in many regards, although war and conflict have never been predominant in their history.

Species Abilities: Bonus Edge Cultural Flexibility: Because of their willingness to experience new situations and cultures, Denobulans feel at ease when dealing with species other than their own, receiving the Cultural Flexibility edge for free.