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The Queen’s son has been accused of ramming open an electronic gate in Windsor Great Park with his Range Rover while taking a shortcut back to his house, Royal Lodge, just so that he could avoid a one-mile detour.‘For some reason the sensors didn’t work and it didn’t open.

I can’t believe any other person wouldn’t be prosecuted.’But a spokesman for Thames Valley Police, which covers the Berkshire area, said: ‘An alleged criminal damage was reported this morning but the caller had no details of the alleged incident other than it was in Windsor on Sunday.‘The caller was advised that a person involved in the alleged incident or someone acting on their behalf would need to report this.

‘Police are not usually contacted about damage-only road traffic collisions.’The damaged gate is believed to be owned by the Crown Estate, a £8billion portfolio of land and property owned by the Queen which partly funds her public work, with the rest of the profits going to the Government.

Windsor Forest, covering upwards of 50,000 ac., lies in the E. The geographic extent of the county has changed over the centuries (more about boundary changes... For the purposes of these pages, Berkshire is the pre-1974 county defined by the Towns and Parishes list and this map of the ecclesiastical parishes of 19th century Berkshire.

Dairy farms and commons abound; much of the surface is under woods, chiefly of oak and beech. of Reading (1 member) and New Windsor (1 member), the mun. of Maidenhead, Newbury, and Wallingford, and the greater part of the mun. Other descriptions can be found from other periods in various trade directories covering Berkshire from the early 19th century onwards and from A Vision of Britain Through Time.

boundary (100 miles in extent); its tributaries are the Kennet, Lambourn, Ock, and Loddon. are unimportant, being chiefly agricultural implements and malt. See Berkshire Genealogy to understand how these Berkshire pages are structured and how do we fit into the rest of GENUKI.

(For agricultural statistics, see Appendix.) The Thames flows along the entire N. If in any doubt, consult the GENUKI Gazetteer to determine on which county page your place of interest is located.

She has disappeared before, last going from her family home in Warwickshire with another girl in June.