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Modern additions include the Marlowe Theatre and the St Lawrence Ground, home of the Kent County Cricket Club.

The rioters' trial the following year led to a Kent revolt against the Parliamentarian forces, contributing to the start of the second phase of the war.

The city has been occupied since Paleolithic times and served as the capital of the Celtic Cantiaci and Jute Kingdom of Kent.

Many historical structures fill the area, including a city wall founded in Roman times and rebuilt in the 14th century, the ruins of St Augustine's Abbey and a Norman castle, and the oldest extant school in the world, the King's School.

Sudbury is still remembered annually by the Christmas mayoral procession to his tomb at Canterbury Cathedral.

In 1413 Henry IV became the only sovereign to be buried at the cathedral.

Between 13, the wall was virtually rebuilt, and new wall towers were added.

In 1381, during Wat Tyler's Peasants' Revolt, the castle and Archbishop's Palace were sacked, and Archbishop Sudbury was beheaded in London.

Canterbury received its own radio station in CTFM, now KMFM Canterbury, in 1997.