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Speed dating checklist

It is also obvious that the experimenter harmed their feelings.

Despite the fact that individuals believed that how they responded was unbelievable, a considerable lot of these individuals followed the description of giving a strong shock, which was driven by an authority figure.

This demonstrates that an individual cannot foresee what they really would do under a specific situations.

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Ahead of Valentine’s Day, our new research reveals that Aussie singles are a very picky bunch and could be sabotaging their chances of finding love, by dismissing potential partners based on superficial checklists.

Certainly, Milgram manipulated the participants and gave stress to them, but without this method, it was impossible to get a real reaction from people towards authorities.

Besides, after the experiment, Milgram debriefed real purpose of this experiment, and the participants agreed to support the experiment.

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And in regards to another post, how many people do we think really know about this experiment?

I learned about it when I was in High School due to an elective Intro to Psychology class, even then I didn’t really pay attention because I had no interest.

How would you redesign Milgram’s study to have it pass IRB standards?