Start Single parent dating single parent

Single parent dating single parent

One more thing checked off the ever-daunting to-do list.

Don't be afraid to request work from home days or flexible hours at your job so you don't have to stress every time your child has a doctor's appointment or the car needs an oil change.

If your work doesn't offer these incentives, keep your options open for a position that offers a better work-life balance. Maybe I'm the last one to hear this but, just in case, did you know you can have groceries delivered straight to your kitchen counter? Services such as Pea Pod and Fresh Direct and, in some cases, your local grocery store, have apps that let you add groceries to your virtual "cart" on the fly as you think of what you need. It's a timesaver: ordering groceries from your phone during a break allows you to focus on getting your projects done without the stress of worrying about an extra stop at the store at the end of a long day.

Here are two to live by: If he or she hasn't made you laugh or acknowledged you have a kid before you officially meet, a complex algorithm I've developed from years of personal experience has shown a high likelihood the date will be dull or your dude or dudette may be subconsciously distressed about the "family scene" (and is likely pretending you don't have one).

Buy yourself a present There is no reason to have present-envy when friends' significant others are treating them on Valentine's Day or their birthday.

In the end, the one thing that will improve your work, dating and wellness is to remember that you are enough just as you are: strong and driven, imperfect and exhausted.

Cut yourself a break by following these hacks -- and please add ones you have found that help create a little more sanity at the end of each day.

Menjadi orangtua tunggal bukanlah hal yang paling sulit dan tidak perlu takut untuk dijalani.