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They inadvertently point the firearm at others and instructors. If anything, raise the minimum age limit …” Joseph Lacenski, president of the Wisconsin Hunter Education Instruction Association, also opposed legalizing hunting with deadly weapons by younger children.

There were more than 30,000 mentored hunts with young children in 2014, but apparently those kids weren’t nearly enthusiastic enough about killing stuff. Why not go to the Wisconsin Humane Society and adopt a pet for your children to love and care for?

So the only thing left for Republicans to do is to start arming kindergarteners and preschoolers. Kids Killing Animals Is a Warning Sign One of the most beautiful qualities of sweet, little children is their love of animals. Take them to the zoo to see awesome animals from around the world and develop a healthy interest in protecting the planet and all its living species.

Another dangerous change Kleefisch proposes is permitting both the adult and untrained child to be armed.

There’s something obscene about imagining them wrapped around the trigger of a gun.

What could be a more wholesome form of family entertainment? There’s a reason why young children love their stuffed animals.

And it’s not because they’re eagerly looking forward to an adulthood where their trophy rooms will be lined with stuffed animal heads staring at them with glass eyes.

Experienced hunters are the strongest supporters of improving hunter safety education.