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Charlie and Joleen later check a nearby gas station owned by a friendly Vietnam war veteran named Duckett (Richard Masur), but Duckett is not expecting to have any gas delivered to the station for at least another day, so Charlie and Joleen check into the nearby Palomino Guest Ranch and Trailer Park, which is owned by an abusive woman named Agnes Reed (Susan Tyrrell).

The behavior was a continuation of what transpired in the 2013 legislative session, when he sent her dozens of Facebook transcribe the contents of the text messages but not publish the screenshots of the exchanges.

Pinky had to live somewhere, so when Agnes went after Pinky, angrily demanding that Pinky pay rent that he couldn't afford, or leave, Pinky killed Agnes.

Pinky became obsessed with Joleen, so when Joleen, Charlie, Amy, and Louise went to leave, Pinky blew up the car, with Amy in it, to stop Joleen from leaving.

Charlie, Joleen, and Louise leave Banco, and they head home to California.

An angry Jimmy, who had escaped from Sheriff Childers's car, is seen walking along some railroad tracks, to parts unknown.

She tells him that he needs help, and she runs from him.

When Duckett radios Sheriff Childers, and tells Childers and Charlie that Pinky has Joleen, Childers and Charlie head to the hideaway to find Pinky and Joleen, and at the hideaway, Pinky kills Childers by cutting his throat.

Joleen, not knowing that Pinky is the killer, wants to hang out with Pinky, so she goes with him to his hideaway at an abandoned building that was never completed.