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Sex dating in athol massachusetts

Location: Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada Disability: Developmentally delayed. (Died March 17, 2013, Age 35) Cause of death: Medical neglect Location: Pueblo, California, USA Disability: Schizophrenia, Epilepsy Perpetrator: San Carlos Correctional Facility Source: In US Prisons, Psychiatric Disability Is Often Met by Brute Force * (Died March 20, 2013, Age 32) Cause of death: Starvation, neglect Location: Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA Disability: Down syndrome Perpetrator: Susan Gensiak (Mother), Joan Gensiak (Sister), and Rebekah Gensiak (Sister) Source: Susan Gensiak And 2 Daughters Charged With Murder Of Robert Gensiak, Disabled Man (Died March 20, 2013, Age 14) Cause of death: Suicide (Gunshot) Location: Dublin, Ireland Disability: Asperger syndrome, anxiety Perpetrator: n/a Source: Boy (14) died of self-inflicted gunshot wound, inquest hears (Died March 21, 2013, Age 62) Cause of death: Neglect; malnutrition Location: Cahokia, Illinois, USA Disability: Unspecified Perpetrator: Lisa C.

Source: Death penalty case moved to September for man charged with stabbing elderly church volunteers (Died May 21, 2013, Age 69) Cause of death: Multiple murder (Stabbed; along with nondisabled brother, while working at church food pantry) Location: Huntsville, Alabama, USA Disability: “Special needs” Perpetrator: Richard Burgin Jr.

Source: No death penalty for Huntsville church food pantry killer who stabbed elderly brothers to death !

Source: Carer and rest home criticised after death of disabled man * (Died July 1, 2013, Age 4) Cause of death: Beaten to death Location: Richland County, South Carolina, USA Disability: Autism Perpetrator: Robert Guinyard (Father), Courtney Shante Thompson (Mother) Source: Robert Guinyard, Jr.

(Died July 1, 2013, Age 99) Cause of death: Burned on the face by liquid oxygen; not taken to the hospital; died six days later.

(Died February 13, 2013, Age 41) Cause of death: Death in restraint Location: Berkeley, California, USA Disability: Schizophrenia Perpetrator: Police Source: City of Berkeley Seeks Dismissal of Wrongful Death Lawsuit in Kayla Moore Case * (Died February 18, 2013, Age 12) Cause of death: Medical neglect Location: Cleveland, Ohio, USA Disability: Autism, ADHD Perpetrator: Randy D.

and Carissa Jones (Parents) Source: Jury deliberations begin in case of couple charged with neglecting daughter’s infection that led to her death * (Died February 19, 2013, Age 18) Cause of death: Neglect Location: Peoria, Illinois, USA Disability: Developmental disability Perpetrator: Darnell Hunter Sr.

VA worker charged over death (Died May 1, 2013, Age 85) Cause of death: Manslaughter (Shoved to the ground; died of head injury) Location: Weatherly, Pennsylvania, USA Disability: Dementia Perpetrator: Carl Smith (Fellow nursing home resident) Source: Suspect in nursing home death incompetent for trial (Died May 4, 2013, Age 22) Cause of death: Unknown; died while in seclusion/restraint, possibly beaten or neglected Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Disability: Bipolar disorder, epilepsy Perpetrator: Staff at Alberta Hospital Source: Lisa Goltman dies of injuries (Died May 5, 2013, Age 85) Cause of death: Negligence; dropped from Hoyer lift, broken neck and fractured skull Location: Brighton, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia Disability: Vascular dementia, mobility impaired, nonverbal Perpetrator: Vasey Brighton East care home staff Source: Four-year wait for answers over nursing home death (Died May 7, 2013, Age 52) Cause of death: Inadequately treated breathing problems Location: Lowestoft, Suffolk, England, UK Disability: Cerebral palsy, epilepsy, Developmental disability Perpetrator: Staff at Ipswitch Hospital Source: Tragic deaths spark call for care changes in Suffolk * (Died May 7, 2013, Age 15) Cause of death: Bacterial sepsis related to malnutrition Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada Disability: Juvenile diabetes Perpetrator: Emil and Rodica Radita (Parents) Source: Parents face homicide charges in death of son * (Died May 7, 2013, Age 67) Cause of death: Neglect (Left alone for days) Location: Bunnell, Florida, USA Disability: Dementia Perpetrator: Holly Norris (Niece) Source: Bunnell woman charged with manslaughter in uncle’s death !

(Died May 16, 2013, Age 26) Cause of death: Police shooting Location: Los Angeles, California, USA Disability: TBI, Developmental disability, mental illness Perpetrator: Christopher Carr and Fernando Avila (Police) Source: Family Of Mentally Disabled Man Shot And Killed By LAPD To Receive $2.2 Million * (Died May 18, 2013, Age 38) Cause of death: Murder (Beaten, stabbed) Location: Jackson, Mississippi, USA Disability: Mental illness, cognitive impairment, physical disability Perpetrator: Camia Gamet (Girlfriend) Source: Judge screams ‘I hope you die in prison’ at woman who murdered disabled boyfriend (Died May 20, 2013, Age 45) Cause of death: Murder (Strangled; during robbery) Location: Bakersfield, California, USA Disability: Wilson’s disease; visually impaired; speech impediment Perpetrator: Theron Ausbie (Roommate) Source: Man sentenced to life without parole for strangling disabled roommate * (Died May 21, 2013, Age 7) Cause of death: Murder (Head injury; fatal child abuse) Location: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia Disability: Developmental disability Perpetrator: Kayla James (Mother) and Kodi James Maybir (Mother’s boyfriend) Source: Boy spent last months being abused: court (Died May 21, 2013, Age 76) Cause of death: Multiple murder (Stabbed while working at church food pantry) Location: Huntsville, Alabama, USA Disability: Cerebral palsy Perpetrator: Richard Burgin Jr.

in haunting echo of his father’s death 13 years earlier (Died January 31, 2013, Age 60) Cause of death: Neglect (Untreated bedsores) Location: Augusta, Georgia, USA Disability: Mental illness, diabetes, leg amputee, hemiparesis caused by strokes Perpetrator: Staff at Open Arms Personal Care Home Source: Disabled veteran’s death came after complaints about care (Died February 1, 2013, Age 53) Cause of death: Medical neglect (Denied treatment for alcohol withdrawal) Location: Tulia, Texas, USA Disability: Alcoholism; Injury from attempted suicide with shotgun–speech impediment, blind in one eye, breathing difficulty, feeding tube Perpetrator: Swisher County Jail Source: BORUM V.

SWISHER CNTY (Died February 1, 2013, Age 14) Cause of death: Suffocation during restraint Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA Disability: Autism Perpetrator: Rose Rock Treatment Facility Source: Joseph Winters (Died February 2, 2013, Age 56) Cause of death: Medical malpractice (Long-term narcotics overdose) Location: Meriden, Connecticut, USA Disability: Diabetes; back pain; orthopedic pain Perpetrator: Heather Alfonso (Nurse practitioner) Source: Meriden Family Sues Nurse For “Potentially Deadly” Prescribing (Died February 7, 2013, Age 69) Cause of death: Murder (Stabbed) Location: San Jose, California, USA Disability: Mentally disabled Perpetrator: Regina Butler (Had stayed with Jacobson previously) Source: Henry Lee’s Rap Sheet for Dec.

(Father) Source: Darnell Hunter sentenced to 12 years for fatally neglecting his impaired son * (Died February 19, 2013, Age 76) Cause of death: Murder (Stabbed) Location: Richland, Pennsylvania, USA Disability: Dementia Perpetrator: Levi Staver (Grandson) Source: Richland man gets 10 to 20 years for fatally stabbing grandmother (Died February 25, 2013, Age 50) Cause of death: Murder (Beaten) Location: Gulfport, Mississippi, USA Disability: Neurological damage from being hit by a train Perpetrator: Johnny Owens III Source: Mistrial declared in beating death of man with special needs (Died March 2, 2013, Age 19) Cause of death: Murder (Stabbed) Location: Harlem, New York, USA Disability: Deaf Perpetrator: Bismark Lithgow (Boyfriend; also deaf) Source: Harlem man arrested for brutal stabbing of deaf teen girlfriend * (Died March 2, 2013, Age 47) Cause of death: Murder (Beating) Location: Covington, Georgia, USA Disability: Developmental disability Perpetrator: Cornelius Richardson-Bethea (Caregiver) Source: Caregiver arrested for allegedly beating mental health patient to death * (Died March 4, 2013, Age 19) Cause of death: Medical neglect (Flu, infection) Location: Lockport, New York, USA Disability: Developmental disability Perpetrator: Joy and John Dziomba (Adoptive parents) Source: Guardian appointed for brothers of disabled Lockport man who died in March * (Died March 7, 2013, Age 36) Cause of death: Murder (Strangulation, exposure) Location: Denning, New York, USA Disability: Multiple sclerosis Perpetrator: Gerald Babcock (Fiance) Source: Appeals court upholds Denning resident’s manslaughter conviction in death of his fiancée (Died March 10, 2013, Age 20) Cause of death: Murder (Shooting) Location: Decatur, Illinois, USA Disability: ADHD Perpetrator: James J.