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It's hard to kid yourself that you're doing well when your peer's success slaps you in the face every time you pick up a newspaper or switch on the TV. Peer envy has become so rife in today's 'Anything's possible' society that it's even got a name: Failed Potential Syndrome.

For years I'd hear about other people's success and think: "Why isn't this me? She is living my life - or at least the life I'd like to be leading by now. Why is it that some people, given the same start in life, are more successful than others? 'It doesn't work that way - the only way you're going to get confidence is by going out there and doing things.

If there's one thing that annoys me about Coldplay, it's not their dodgy lyrics, their maddening worthiness, or their homemade clothes - it's their success.

Their bona fide hanging out with world leaders and marrying Hollywood starlets success. Well, not the whole musical genius, rock god stuff, but the high-achieving, general greatness.

'Now, she's dividing her time between LA and New York as a fashion photographer, spending her days hanging out with A-listers. 'You only need to look at David Cameron and Boris Johnson,' he adds.

'Boris got a second at university, David got a first. Fiona Harrold, life coach and author of Seven Rules Of Success, says it's very simple: the likes of Lucy and Chris Martin get off their butts and actually do something. 'Successful people apply themselves and do what they say they're going to do,' she says. The majority of people are too busy thinking of why it's not going to work and making excuses.' But surely we're not all blessed with the kind of confidence that makes us want to take over the world?

'Very few people are going to reach the levels of Coldplay, but you can still be happy with what you've got.' Mr Hodson agrees: 'There will always be people above you in terms of money, status or achievement - the trick is not to spend your life looking up at them. Striving and trying is the mark of success, not winning and getting results.' That said, there's no reason why any of us shouldn't get off our sofas and become high achievers if we wanted to, according to Ms Harrold: 'Everyone can be successful. Figure out what you can do and get on with it - don't sit around moaning.' And there's the rub - this whole 'getting on with it' thing.

'Conrad Black was hugely talented and wealthy, but he is in jail because instead of looking down the ladder at the rest of us, and realising how well he had done, he looked up, compared himself with billionaires and said: "I must have more."' He continues: 'Success is what we make of the opportunities that come our way.

The young woman – who had been installed in Lord Sheikh’s luxury flat where Lord Archer is a neighbour – was turfed out later by his relatives in an angry confrontation during which she called police.

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