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Sex camera shat

In the end he just smacked her and told her to try the damn thing on.

What fucking importance was the colour if no one was supposed to see it?

When she bent over to pick them up he caught himself peeking at her sweet little ass.

A scandalous amount of her tight, pale white bottom escaped her skin hugging gold hot pants.

The story focuses on her struggle to find happiness in a strange and unfamiliar land, while living with her drunken, violent, incestous, pedophile father.

Kylie King jumped down from her father's ute and immediately regretted it. The short scraggly plants and red earth seemed to have surrendered to its oppressive gaze. Already she had been forced to continually anoint herself with sunblock to stop her milky skin burning to a crisp.

Synopsis: When a father is kicked out of the military, and his wife is arrested for prostitution, he takes his fourteen year old daughter deep into the outback to find a new job.

It isn't long before he takes sexual advantage of his prodigy daughter.

The house quickly dampened Kylie's spirits further.