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Video from inside the restaurant shows the vicious attack as it unfolded in full view of other customers.

CAMHS is used as a term for all services that work with children and young people who have difficulties with their emotional or behavioural wellbeing.

Parents, carers and young people can receive direct support through CAMHS.

Specialist CAMHS are NHS mental health services that focus on the needs of children and young people.

A lot of organisations have helpful information about what CAMHS services offer.

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The two men got angry at the offer and soon grabbed the victim’s cane and began striking him in the head and body with it and their fists, police said.

The men pummeled the victim harder when he tried to defend himself, and soon two other men entered the location to join in the beating.

Your CAMHS team should work closely with you to support the transition.

For example, you could have a joint meeting with your current team and the new adult mental health services.

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