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Usage guidelines Google is proud to partner with libraries to digitize public domain materials and make them widely accessible. The m^tre (as before stated ) is the element of long measure, and = 39.371 English inches. which it Ciint^iined, were melted ' mecliiint^ni of Uie i l(x:k is \eiy cnrions.

Copyright infringement liability can be quite severe. d by Google d by Google d by Google SEYf PARIS GUIDE. Tna dotibs or ooona aa TBamo Btro LAiin, a 1 1 1 ninnc TOfk T of fabisiam barkbbs, Ta An Bsn BB, btc. 6AU6NANI, AT VMM BBOLUHy FUIICH, ITAUAS, Cl IMAS AM SPAJUBB UMUkl T, lf« 18, l UI Tl VIIlfll S. Detachments are stationed at the luir- riers de I'Etoile, de la Villette, d'Enfer, and da Trone. 20, ouai des Orfi&vres.— A battalion c^" firemen, consisting of 076 men, is changed with the serviceof theengines in case of fire. 49 Thei Kombcr ci corpses deposited al the Morgue in 1 8*26 ^as 1^^ m. It is di^jvusting to obseiri K wonen and childi'CD of all a^s contemplating the sad icmains of mortality here exhibited. fi XCfl AHGE.-^The Exchange, which is open daily to foreignen as well as French subjects from two o'clock till £ve, except on Sundays and holidays, is the only place authorised by government for the general meeting of bankers andmerchants, for the transaction of business. Elf TBBPBISB DBS INHUMATIONS ET POBIFKS FUHEBBKS, No. (See page 44) Eii TRBPBis B gbubralb DBS Mohubuns Funebbbs, No. ^-"MPAGNIB 6ENERALB DK Go Pf STHUCTIOIf ET d'En TBETIKR 'Ti'RKSDE Paris, No. Stephen in- structing the Jews ; the saint answering the Jews' argu- ments \ the saint insulted by the Jews \ the stoning of St. Alas-re);e G is a figure of Christ pronouncing his benediction ; two angels at his sides are in the attitude of adoration, and tlie arch is ornamented witli small figures of angels, prophets, patriarchs, bishops, etc. On tlie pillar between the two doors is a statue of the Virgin ti^ading a dragon under her feet.

About Google Book Search Google's mission is to organize the world's information and to make it universally accessible and useful. 1 1 WITI BAirr IIin BBSTUl O FABTICOLABS BOT TO BB /l! SEVENTEENTH EDITION, WRI il AFS, TWBLVB I1I6IAV1JIM, BTC. Adju Umsde la VUle de Paris, — ^This corps, which is under the oonunaud of a colonel, and subject to th A orders of the prefect of police, is employed with the gendarmerie. Under the direction of the prefect of police is a com- miss BHy-general for tiie supply of fuel to the capital ; an iafl|ieetor--geiieral of lighting and cleansing the streets; an in Bpectc»r-general of the river and Wha Hs; a comfilrotter-general of the sale of (ire-wood and char- coa V-, antnspector-generalof th« markets ; a comptroller' general o C the Halle am BM^ ; an inspector-general of mineral waters; an inspector^neral 6i stcani-^ngincs ; a conunisnoa for visiting steam-vessels, etc. Thepar^uei is open to the agens de change alone, who arc sixty in number, and give security upon their appoint- ment hj the king. Gmjigo Bjik^- hii^f estah Ualinieritof tlit^conipain is London. sub l% V ik, dite ilr I ERRK (Wt*st of Enj^bud Life Ifu^utiijiei' f 1 n i s , .n i^cnt, i 'i , pkee \' tjndilii w. The porch is sur- mounted by an open-work gable ; and beyond it is seen the gable of Uie chuixh crowned by a statue of St, Stephen. In the pediment above the door aix; the Nativity, the Adoration of the Wise Men, the Pi*esentation in the Temple, the Massacre of the Innocents^ the FMght into Egypt, and five scenes of the deliverance of Demoniacs.

Numerous in^egularities ma^ be remarked among the pillars; and the capitab difler from each other; the general ornaments, however, are the oak-leaf and the cabbage-leaf, among .wbich. Above the aisles two galleries extend round the church, which are used upon grand religious occasions, when the company is admitted by tickets.

Tlie roof of the nave and choir, at once bold and light, is divided by ribs forming re* entrant and saliant angles.

.- 'Di^abjfiodgle \ DAYS OF ADMISSION INTO THE LIBRARIES, MUSEUMS, ETC.* Bi BLio Tai QCB nu Roi, Tuesdays and Fridays, from ten o*clock till t#o. those which ara dedicated to the worship of the lk\\y.

Catacombs and Cemeteries 588 BBvirons of Paris • 617 Tabieof pates : «n Imiex 749 f f. He confirms at pleasure the nomination made by archbi- siiops and bishops to the vacant offices of vicarft-gene- ral, canons, and rectors, in their respective diooeaes, appoints the members of the royal chap W of St.-Deais, the dignitaries and chaplains of the religions houses, of the king's household, and the royal hospital des Quince^ Vingts ; the almoners of the royal palaces, and of tlw army and navy. j Vo public edifices attest with sudi ceilainty the stale of the fine arts at the period of tlieir construction, as.

To visit the public institntions, aunate directions will be found at the end of eacb article. It is advisable a dav or two before depailare to leave the name, and mention the roadf in- tended to be taken. t Ottes = 1949.036 mkres, or 1 English ^: V^^r'^' The lieue or league, legal road La. in tbe %«« PJrtw J-r/y « r«J mea*«r«, « T«l«ing tbe work of and •Vthmiea. This is adopted as the unit of length, and from which, by decimal multiplication and division, all other measures are derived. The description of them found in this Guide is amj^ and detailed, and it may be said with troth that Hew of them wi U not repay the stranger for his vint.

Aqueducts, Hydraulic Machines, Fountains, Baths, etc 830 XV. Those are omitted which are open to the public erer j daj, or to risit wfaicb tichets are required. DIRECTIONS TO THE TRAVELLER PREVIOUS TO DEPARTURE FROM ENGLAND. — Before Ute traveller tets out, it is indiipensable for liiin to procure a pufpoit, wkich is to be obuined (gratis) by anpl3ingatthe house of llie French aaihajsador. 5 f , Portland- ^^Uce, between the hours of 1 2 and four. * The above acres contain each 100 square perches, bnt the acre de JVormandie contains 160 perches of 22 square feet each and therefore equals 81 .71 ares, or 2 acres and 2 perches English. Ststbm.— The fundamental standard adopted in France for the metrical system of weights and mea- sures, is called the m^tre, and is the ten-millionth part of the distance from the pole to the equator. Socnrri dis Btn Axn, a Yapeub db Paiis au Havbb, No. The extensiine endjellishments made in the ohuixhes of Paris sinoe Ae Restoration, and the numerous works of art bestowed on them by the liberality of tlie govern- ment and the municipal body, give them a place among tfaooe objects which present the highest claims to tlie tourist's notice.

This temple is sapporled by 120 massive pillars, of which ^5 zre detached, and tlie others built in the walls.

The number of columns in the aisles and upper galleries is ^gy^ eaieh of a single stone.

Bi BLio TH^QUB DB LA Vi LLE, «very day, except Wednesdays, Sundays and Holidays, from twelve to four. 29, ruede r Universit^, the stranger (by letter ** post paid," addressed to M» U Directeur, or by personal application, upon producing his passport) may obtain tickets or admission to ascend the column of the place Vendome, and to visit the model of the Fontaine de I'Ejephant, and the ateliers de Sculpture. * Thii list melnd«a only thoso esublitlimenia which are open oa fixed dey«. Arpent de Paris, 18 feet to the perch = 34.19 aies:=3 rods ]5jpet«hes, Euglifth. The churches de 1' Assonptioo, de la Visitation, the Val-de-Gr&ce, the Soihonne, Ihelnvalidos, the Institnte,** and some others isay be cited as examples of this style. exhibits, in tlie chorches of Sle.4;ene\'i^ve and the Madeleine, in the magnifioent fronts of St.-Snlpice and St.-£ii8tache, in the chapei Beanfon, and in the chnrch of St.-Philippe dn Roole, vigoroas efforts to return to a purer and se- verer stjde of decoration, less loaded "with insignificant details and mannered graces.