Start Rules dating your neighbor

Rules dating your neighbor

I seem to be the neighbor most affected by their behaviors. I'm about ready to lose my mind, it just isnt fair.

I called and politely mentioned that this was very disturbing and all I got for an answer to this problem was "sorry, the dog will have to get used to being tied out, I am sure things will get better". In most areas dogs are not allowed to disturb the peace.

This past summer, our neighbors told us they would like to put up a fence.

We did not want it and told them to put it on their own property.

If the condominium association is not able to back you and your neighbors are technically with in the rules of the association, I dont think you have much of a leg to stand on.

I would buy a room-blackening shade and attractive drapes for my bedroom to block the light and I would stop expecting these people to behave differently.

Either "Fido" is on one heck of a long leash or he's running loose.

I would ahemcollect the evidence, bring it over to his lawn and point out that watching "Fido" obviously is not enough.

My town does have a "pooper-scooper" law but it only applies to parks and public spaces.