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The ratios of methylphenanthrenes/phenanthrene and (methylfluoranthenes methylpyrenes)/fluoranthene were sensitive indicators of anthropogenic influences in the estuary.

Rather to permit to a modern reader some understanding of the reality of the early days of Sunderland shipbuilding.

Dated sediment cores collected from Richardson and San Pablo Bays in San Francisco Bay were used to reconstruct a history of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) contamination.

The sedimentary record of PAHs in Richardson Bay shows that anthropogenic inputs have increased since the turn of the century, presumably as a result of increasing urbanization and industrialization around the Bay Area. The dominant origin of the PAHs contributing to this modern contamination is from combustion processes.

I was interested to read (page #585, here, from that 1852 volume not now available for download) that John & Philip Laing 'were the first to introduce the novelty of a floating dock on our river. I read also that James Laing was the very first Sunderland shipbuilder to build in iron. The image appears here thanks to Tony Frost, who advises me that 'Laings' had in their history two dry docks, one of which (visible in the image) was opened on Jul. The Lloyds's Register listings linked above, refer however to 'Levant Soc. I was unable to find any WWW references to this vessel & to its wreck.