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Police firefighter dating

On Friday morning, the line of mourners waiting to pay their respects stretched down 18th Street and around Race Street.

Dennis Gill, rector of the cathedral, recalled how “courageously and so valiantly” Le Tourneau acted on his final day, and urged his family: “Let’s not forget God is here.” Mayor Kenney, whose father was a firefighter, didn’t know Le Tourneau, but told those gathered that over the last few days, he had learned of Le Tourneau’s love for animals, his devotion to Holy Cross parish in his native Springfield, and most of all, of Le Tourneau’s “selfless devotion” to firefighting. And there are no words.” Following the Mass, Le Tourneau’s flag-draped casket was placed by firefighters onto his Engine 45 fire truck.

They filled the church – and led a procession to his burial in a Delaware County cemetery — on a dreary, rainy day almost appropriate to mark the first loss of a city firefighter while battling a blaze since 2014.

And he was one who gave tirelessly to the vocation.

“At this morning, he was declared dead,” Thiel said later in the afternoon, as he stood outside of the hospital, still dressed in his brown fire gear.

“And we are without words.” While trapped in the house, Le Tourneau “was never alone,” Thiel said.

“The rescue effort started almost immediately.” He called Le Tourneau, 42, one of the department’s “heroes.” A grim-faced Mayor Kenney, whose father was a firefighter, said the city will “be there for [Le Tourneau’s] family forever.” Two other firefighters also suffered injuries and were expected to be released from the hospital.

The fire also claimed the life of a man who lived inside the property on Colorado Street. Fire Commissioner Adam Thiel pauses during a news conference about the death of Lt. Residents said they didn’t know the man’s full name, but some called him Andre and believed he was in his 50s and lived alone.

The region was still in the grips of a massive cold front that had pushed temperatures down to record lows; frigid weather always threatened to make their job all the more difficult.