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"Treemap Visualizations of Newsgroups." Interactive poster at IEEE Symposium on Information Visualization 2002, Boston, Massachusetts.

So the book gets two stars because he is a terrible writer and even worse poet, and the way he presents himself makes me believe that he's of both stunted intellect and maturity, which do nothing to make reading his book enjoyable.

For some it is writing, others food, some parenting.

He could have written a frou-frou account of how he was a saintly martyr navigating unchartered territory without his perfect woman.

I wish that I hadn't peeked at those reviews as they coloured my perception of the author before I gave this book a chance (shame on me!

I came to the conclusion that the author is not in fact a hipster douchebag.

Position paper, CHI 2001 Workshop on "Integrating Diverse Research and Development Approaches to the Construction of Social Cyberspaces." Fiore, A.

"Self-presentation, Interpersonal Perception, and Partner Selection in Computer-mediated Relationship Formation." Dissertation, UC Berkeley School of Information, August 2010.

Before then, he'd been happy to coast on the luck of having an amazing wife who put up with his shit.