Start Paul ardoin and together dating

Paul ardoin and together dating

In 1991, K&K Toys division was sold to KB Toys so the company could focus on Only $1.00. Today, Dollar Tree operates over 4400 locations in the lower 48 states.

After posting my complaint on google review I noticed I am not the 1st to complain about this Ashley girl that acts like she owns the place. jen the manger she is rude to her worker (cutting hr next week begun of 26) Put stop to jen attitude.

and jen just give herself (70 hr) she don’t work that. Many hr that my friends is (thief and fraud) on her part. (head corporate dan) over (ottumwa) know this going on jen the manger suck his a**.

i have been in this field in various jobs since i was 16, and while MY own cust.

service has never been perfect, i have at least always tried to do what i thought was right.

What a lousy corporation that clearly has made it to where even your own customers are mean nothing to you!

Reply On Friday my mother took my 5 year old daughter to the Dollar Tree on Central Entrance in Duluth, MN.

I was not able to access this since I can not remember the my log in and password.

Called 757-321-5000 but was put on hold for a whole hour just to be disconnected. I knew you didn’t care about your employees but could even care less about the people that give you your salary.

Manger never do anything only sitting in office barking out ordered to there employee…

70hr that mean you better go in 7am tell 2am in the morning hour working per day for next two week. jen fraud the system Reply I use to work for this company 3 years ago and needed to get my pay stubs for 2015.

The store was later renamed to K&K 5&10 and then to K&K Toys.