Start Pagdating ng mga espanyol

Pagdating ng mga espanyol

“Gwen, di ko makita un spare key sa room ni Shella…” And he paused. Then I was literally saved by the bell when my cellphone rang as I received a text message. “Sori sis but u can ask dad 2 get d keys its n his lowr drwer by d bed.” I relay the message to Shella’s dad as I showed him the message from my phone.

One Saturday, I woke up so horny that I can’t think of anything but sex.

Unfortunately my boyfriend is out of town for two months for a family emergency.

While I waited I had a small conversation with Shella’s dad.

Shella and I have been classmates since junior college so I am already acquainted with her family. I can feel his hard inward thrust as his big body bumped into me.

I had two boys friends before who’s the same age as me but I never had the courage to go out or be seen with an older guy. I texted my friend and classmate Shella that I will be stopping by at their house to pick up the books that we will be using for our defense at school.

When I came there her dad told me that she just went out to buy some groceries.

To preoccupy myself I cleaned my room but ended up thinking of my boyfriend and how we had sex all around my room when my parents are not around.

While cleaning my make-up drawer I saw a receipt from the video rental shop where I get my DVD’s. Shella borrowed the DVD and it is already a week due.” I said to myself.

I seated on the sofa while waiting for Shella’s dad. I feel hotter than that morning in my bed or in the shower. Uncle started caressing left breast while he suck on the other. He went straight and buried his hot tongue in my clit.

I looked around and saw that their computer was on. I was in heaven and I can feel his tongue sent electricity to my skin to my bones down to my feet. I arched with ecstasy while I feel his lips and tongue play around my pussy, thinking this man knows how to eat pussy. Tagal ko nang hindi nakakatikim ng ganito ah.” He said. I was looking at him and thinking this is my fantasy fulfilled.

Hi, I am Gwen, 20 years old and a graduating student from Quezon city.