Start Online dating mental

Online dating mental

You go back and check out his profile dozens of times a day, and each time you read it, you start to desire him even more.

You imagine how nice it will be when he holds you tight, and tells you how much he loves you. You imagine all these things because you're so desperate to meet a man. And even though this man is just a photo and a series of words on a computer screen, you've already fallen in love.

Sure, maybe the guy does have a fantastic online dating profile.

You think about how amazing you’ll feel when he’s holding you, and telling you he’s so crazy about you.

You imagine how good the sex will feel, and about all the things you want to do to him in bed. You want to believe in all this so much, because you want him to be the one.

You imagine he's the one you're going to settle down with for life.

You love the way he looks, the way he describes himself, and what he says he wants from a relationship. You start to imagine what it'll be like when you're with him.

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This blog contains introductory information about mental models in human thinking and reasoning.

You’ve already started to have a mental and emotional romance with a man you’ve never even spoken to on the phone!

You’ve even started fantasizing about the things you’ll do when you’re together.

How many times have you romanced a guy online, loved his profile, and then when you met he looked nothing like his photo?