Start Office dating with management

Office dating with management

Mike wasn't interested and explained to Sharon that he didn't date women at the office (bravo, Mike! Sharon, however, took offense—and took that offense into a sexual harassment lawsuit against Mike.

Sexual harassment can destroy the cohesiveness of a team and lower employee morale.

OK, I know that you romantics out there have a tough time determining policy for office romances.

After all, your people work hard; they're in the office for most of their waking hours. Just consider what happened to these poor souls: Barred from Working Jonathan was a bartender and dated a female bartender (we'll call her Jane) who worked with him.

Employees usually work 12-hour days and often socialize together outside of the office.

Working at the company, there are two married couples and others who are dating, Olson said.

If you, as the company’s CEO or owner, are involved with an employee, report the relationship to the supervisor of the human resources department. This is more for the romance participants than their managers.

Your openness will help to dispel rumors and claims of favoritism. Chapter 16, "Companies Are People, Too" and Appendix 1, "Sample Office Romance Guidelines" do provide policy guidance.

Office romances aren’t a business liability as long as there are policies and procedures in place to ensure that employees’ personal lives remain personal and their work professional.