Start Nstextfield not updating

Nstextfield not updating

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May not be a big deal, and in this case, it's definitely not, but this is an extraordinarily simplistic case.

Moreover, any time you update the data and don't immediately update the UI to reflect that change in data, your UI is behind.

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I thought it would be helpful to put together an example of what I'm talking about in the second part of my answer to this Stack Overflow question.

The idea is that there's some data that is updated very quickly (i.e.

If, for some reason, you start losing some responsiveness, simply change the timer so that it doesn't update as often.

Update: Data Synchronization As @adv12 pointed out, you should synchronize your data access if you're updating data on a background thread and then using it to update the UI in the main thread.

The text stops updating, hovering over the 'stoplight' controls on the upper-left does not show the symbols, and clicking in text boxes, etc., does not highlight the box/show the I-beam.

However, my indeterminate progress wheel DOES continue to spin, and when I resize/minimize/zoom the window, or scroll in an In OSX (and i OS), UI updates must occur in the main thread/queue.

My intent with this code is mainly to help teach someone how to go about this without a separate writeup explaining the code; it's meant to accompany the explanation of the in my answer.