Start Npr news app not updating

Npr news app not updating

It may also show movie times for a new film, a favorite sports team's latest scores or news related to a destination you're planning to visit on vacation.

The app splits up XDA's multitude of forums into four Holo-style tabs: the top devices by poster activity, the newest devices added to the list of forums, the general section for Android development, the secondhand marketplace, and other discussions of Android and other platforms, and the master list of everything.

We at Android Police often source XDA for cool projects and over-the-air downloads.

For instance, if you see a story about Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, you can tap on the card in which the story is displayed to follow news and updates about Bezos. Google introduced the feed in the Google app in December.

If it sounds like the feeds we're already glued to all the time -- Facebook and Twitter -- it is similar.

The theory is that this prevents other news or opinions from entering your feed.

Critics also say that social media sites allow fake news to spread, though and Google have taken steps to combat that.

We're excited to roll out a new camera update that includes portrait mode, reduced compression to improve image quality, and more.

Download the update here: Xo Z765GHF CFJl LCYAm — Essential (@essential) November 30, 2017 The highlight feature here is obviously portrait mode, which Essential probably added because many other flagships have some variant of it.

Also included are reduced JPEG compression, which should improve image quality, and some stability fixes.

This new version should be hitting the Play Store now, but if you can't update through there, you can grab v0.1.0088 of the Essential Camera from APK Mirror.

But Google's feed is different from Facebook in that it displays information based on you, not shared by your friends.