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Rich in culture, art and history it is often referred to as the "Venice of the North." Everything we love about Europe can be found here: intimate cafes, striking architecture, grand palaces, and some of the world's most treasured art galleries are all there for your inspection!

Why not see the Saint-Petersburg, the finest pearl of Russia, from a unique perspective and have your sweethearts living outside Russia joined you for a creative, romantic and unique tour.

TOURS IN SAINT-PETERBURG, RUSSIA Saint-Petersburg offers the best a Romance Tour destination.

During the Soviet period, the city turned into an important industrial center.

In particular, the Gorky Automobile Plant was constructed in this period.

In 1817 Nizhny Novgorod became a great trade center of the Russian Empire.

In 1896 at a fair, an All-Russia Exhibition was organized.

Then the city was given the nickname "Russian Detroit".

During World War II, Gorky became the biggest provider of military equipment to the front.

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In the historic part of the city there is a large number of universities, theaters, museums and churches.