Start Nicollette sheridan dating history

Nicollette sheridan dating history

actress Nicollette Sheridan has taken the witness stand in the trial over her claim that she was fired by ABC after complaining about being hit by series creator Marc Cherry.

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When Sheridan read her lines at the table read, they got a laugh, she said.

So she was surprised and unhappy when in a revised script her dialogue was changed.

Mc Donough stayed with her in her trailer until he was called to wardrobe, she said. PHOTOS: Hollywood's Memorable Mea Culpas "On the doorstep, he said, ' I am on bended knee begging your forgiveness,' " she testified. He wrapped his arms around me and apologized again.

Then he changed the subject." A little later she shot the scene with new dialogue that Cherry had written. "He said he had decided Edie Britt was going to die," Sheridan testified. I was stunned." Sheridan said she got up and left and drove home.

PHOTOS: TV's Priciest Primetime Shows for Advertisers Sheridan continued testifying that she received raises in a new contract (in the third year she got $125,000 per episode and in the fourth year she would get $150,000, then $175,000 in fifth year and $200,000 for the sixth year and $250,000 for seventh episode).

At end of season three, Cherry allegedly told Sheridan that the show would end with Sheridan's character hanging in a noose but that she would "definitely" be back, and she was.

She said she offered to explain her request again but she was cut off. That is not OK." Sheridan said she then rode a van back to her trailer with co-star Neal Mc Donough, who played her husband.