Start Modio not updating save games

Modio not updating save games

You can choose your language settings from within the program.

Utility Scripts The biggest feature added to 0.6b is the possibility to create "Utility Scripts".

(Added) Lua Zip Lib for 7z compressed files (Removed) The ini permission (Added) Content permission (Fixed) Issue where print and tprint weren't outputting to LOG (Updated) Ini Lib and File System Lib ( WIP) (Added) Script Manager in System Tools (Fixed) Ini Lib (Added) Set Lua Path function in Lua VM (Fixed) Sample Script in Lua Folder (Fixed) Bug that was causing Scan Path Config UI to lose focus (Updated) System dialog to match new design (Added) Base XUI Class code for Security Settings (Added) Screen Captures feature (Changed) Network Debugger now sends JSON packets (Changed) LUA Errors are now filtered as "LUAERROR" instead of "Script Runner" (Updated) Net Dbg Logger to include LOG type (Added) Net Dbg Dll interface for Aurora Network Debugging (Added) Temporary Icon for Net Dbg Module (Added) Screen Capture Scene (WIP) (Added) Screen Capture XUI Class (WIP) (Added) Screen Capture menu item in game options (Updated) Skin and Localization files to use 0.6B as current version (Added) New Dll based Log Output class (Fixed) Issue in Freestyle Plugin settings that caused the "Y" button to not show up in Screen Capture trigger/activator (Updated) Aurora Folder Structure; cleaned up root directory (Updated) Lua Script search locations to follow revised folder structure (Updated) Aurora Path references to follow revised folder structure (Updated) SMBDll Enabled check to be "Enabled" (Added) Localized Strings for Module List (Added) Skin configuration for Module Icons (Added) Not Implemented Text in Security Settings (Updated) Verify Link scene to use new Plugin Manager interface (Updated) Debug Overlay to be translucent (also forced overlay in LTCG mode, temporarily) (Updated) Config to enable SMB server startup- if Smb Dll is available (Updated) Plugin Manager to take a more active role in managing plugins (Updated) All plugin dependent classes to use revised plugin manager (Updated) Settings scene with new revamped plugin settings and renamed/reordered multiple settings (Updated) Popup UI to attach to the Bkg Process layer as opposed to the calling parent. (Added) New Plugin settings module for CFEdit, Ftp Dll, Smb Dll, Dash Launch, Freestyle Plugin and Connect X (Added) New Plugin settings XUI scenes for Ftp Dll, Smb Dll, Dash Launch, Freestyle Plugin and Connect X (CFEdit has no settings) (Added) Skinnable Module Icons for Plugins (WIP) (Fixed) Flicker when opening Verify Link for the first time since boot (Updated) Lib SMB to utilize TMP folder located in DATA/SMB/ (Fixed) Replaced and for the LUA JSON library with the actual lua code and not the html from github (Added) Load String to Lua INI library (loading via string, disables ability to save settings to disk; ie., read only) (Added) Http. Download() function with POST and GET (Updated) Set Progress to use a lua_Unsigned instead of lua_Number (Added) new lua function 'tounsigned' to convert an integer value to unsigned (Added) Runtime notifications for script error (Fixed) Error handling when LUA file has general syntax error preventing script from compiling (Added) Utility Script Support (WIP) (Updated) Scan Path Config scene to properly respond to scan path events (Fixed) Path bug when editing a scan path on a disconnected device (Fixed) Missing localization in Content Launcher initiated by background process (Renamed) The Xbox Marketplace tab to Assets in the Settings Scene (Added) Import Assets button to the Assets Settings Scene (Updated) Scan Path List to show [Not Available] in place of device when not connected (Updated) All Progress tasks to utilize the callers HXUIOBJ (future use) (Added) Script Runner task (wip- future use) (Added) Aurora UI lua library (wip- future use) (Updated) Asset Importer to not use BMP (Fixed) Title Update List JSON Crashing when unexpected data was returned from unity (Added) Support for DDS image files in Asset Importer (Added) Full process logging to asset importer for end-user (Added) Localized status messages for Asset Importer progress bar (Added) Progress percentage values to Asset Importer progress bar (Added) Kinect Required class to Xbox360 executable parser (Updated) Database/Content Manager to use Case Index instead of flags to determine case color (Added) Blue/Indie case color to the set of available cases (Updated) Content Scanner to recognize indie games and apply blue case (Added) Release Date & Content ID subtitle scripts (Added) Asset Importer task class (wip) (Updated) Jpeg Image class with new function to get image dimensions (Updated) Pngimage class. (Fixed) Directory Deleter class index (Added) Multiple functions to Content Manager to allow changing of other fields dynamically (Updated) Game cover downloader to use localized strings (Updated) Skin Browser to show spinner when loading thumbnails.

Download File(...) to the Http Lua Library (Updated) Lua HTTP Lib to remove the http Instance concept and stick with synchronous functions (Updated) Sample Script to use INI lib after corrections (Added) Get Sections, Get All Sections, Get All Keys functions to Lua INI Library (Added) Lua INI Lib (WIP) (Added) Lua XUI Controls Bindings (Added) Lua Gizmo Binding (Updated) Lua Thread lib to use Aurora Task Manager instead of Raw Threads (Updated) Lua Http Lib to have synchronous downloading (WIP) (Added) Error handling for TPRINT when passing a non-table. (Updated) Skin Browser to not allow deletion of compressed skins (disabled due to known bug) (Updated) Game background to wallpaper to handle errors (Updated) Cover and Game Background notices to use localized text (Updated) Game background to wallpaper method to update the Theme Scene with the thumbnail on change.

(Updated) Link Top5 Script to 'Refresh' by rerunning download.

(Updated) Zip Lib to behave more predictably in the underlying file system.

(Updated) Added Stack Dump function to Lua VM (Updated) Lua Aurora library- removed Get Console Info- functionality was moved to Kernel Library (Updated) Lua Http Lib to new format, added GET and POST support with To File variants (Updated) Lua Sql Library to new format (Updated) Lua Thread Lib by removing functions that are error prone and irrelevant.

(Updated) Lua Profile Library (Updated) Subtitle Function script for achievements to use new lua profile library (Fixed) Crash in the Zip File LUA Library when extracting 7z files without folders (or more files then folders) (Fixed) Error when opening Aurora UI elements too quickly (sleep for 500ms before returning fixes the problem and it's barely noticeable) (Updated) Parental Control Permissions to be System Specific instead of User Specific (Added) Security Settings for configuring Parental Control permissions (Updated) Some lua Libraries (Updated) Indie/Blue and Kinect/Purple case (#695) (Added) Kernel permission to Utility Scripts (Added) New functionality to Lua Aurora Lib (Deleted) Lua Plugin Lib (redundant) (Added) Lua Kernel Lib (Updated) Lua HTTP Library to have better error handling (Updated) Aurora UI modules to be built into the Aurora library (except Gizmo) (Updated) Content.

(Updated) Link Top5 script (Updated) Link Top-5 Script folder structure (Changed) Gimzo Command Set to Gizmo Command Set Text (Added) Gizmo Command Set Enabled method (Added) Ability to configure the (A) button on a Lua Gizmo (Added) Ability to set Lua Gizmo title bar text when Inoking a Lua Gizmo (Added) Script. Create Directory methods to the Script Runner base code to allow relative file management (Added) Missing icon display when script icon cannot be found (Added) Ability to load a custom skin for a Lua Gizmo script (Added) Li NK Top-5 script framework to Aurora Scripts folder (wip) (Updated) Weather Script (Added) Aurora Repo - Our base for the Repo Browser (Added) DBCleaner - Our Database Cleaner (Added) Temp Viewer - Our Current Temperature Viewer (Added) Unit Tests - Our LUA Unit Tests (Fixed) TU Msg Box Denied ID 4 - 3 (Fixed) #682 - support for USB devices (DLC, Save games and content TU's) (Added) Aurora Scripts folder to hold official scripts (Updated) Lua Settings library to new format (Fixed) Animation Glitch in Notification UI that caused the icon color to change at the end of the animation.