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Meta dll updating

Having an updated version of the DLL file causes a break since the precompilation wants a name and a version of the file.

There are several "modes" to this depending on your needs.

I tried it already and nothing seems to be messed up with the file missing.

It's almost as if someone at MS had LDA installed and didn't bother to clean up the registry before publishing the update.

Web Sites typically have all of the aspx and vb files published to the live server and ASPNET Worker Process recompiles the app every time before presentation.

On the other end is the web application, where all of your code behind files get compiled down to a single DLL file and you simply deploy your aspx pages and you bin folder with the DLL file to production.

You can check out Tag Lib’s development source there.

Tag Lib can be built on various UNIXes (including OS X) and Windows using CMake.

It seems to me that your error is caused because your site is set up as a web site with some kind of precompilation in place.