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While the datepicker is open, the following key commands are available: Determine the week of the year for a given date: 1 to 53.

Max's profile was posted to Twitter by Sabrina Sweet and quickly caught the internet's eye.

In her screencaps of Max's profile, we can see him trying his best to impress with fun facts, dashes of comedy, and a good helping of earnest self-deprecation. (And got a compliment from the former president, too.) While Max did pile on the charm, maybe the 70-mile distance between him and Sweet kept them from actually meeting.

So I calculate the average budget revenue for one day in the period, then multiply by the number of days to date. I know I am messing up which variables are calculated for each day, and which variable is fixed for each calculation.

OML it only took her 2 hours to watch some of his I spend about 5 hours watching them and my dad gets mad at me bc I'm 'on my phone to long' as he says.

I would like to create a cumulative budget to compare against actual.

A straight line from bottom left to top right of an area chart that will change based on a date slicer.

My code probably is not optimal but it works for my needs.

I have a budget table with budget amounts for the whole month with date value set to first of the month.

Each localization file adds its options to the set of available localizations and automatically applies them as defaults for all instances.

Localization files can be found at

The The datepicker widget uses the j Query UI CSS framework to style its look and feel.