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Besides being a big University of Michigan basketball fan, Martin also happened to be the biggest bookie in Detroit.

However, when Traylor almost killed star recruit Mateen Cleaves by flipping his SUV the NCAA put the hammer on them.

Apparently even the NCAA frowns on your almost killing their star recruits.

The IRS was just looking for a reason to nail Traylor.

His cousin , Quasand Lewis has been called “the biggest drug dealer in the history of Michigan.” There have been rumors for years that Traylor set up Lewis’ drug dealing enterprise with money he made from playing basketball.

The NCAA never layed a glove on Michigan for the money their players took from Martin.

The only violation that Martin was specifically cited for was giving a Michigan player an “illegal” birthday cake.

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Lewis was convicted of shipping 33 TONS OF MARIJUANA into Detroit from 1994-2005.

Authorities busted him with 25 tons of marijuana and over $15 million in cash.

Even worse, Cleaves ended up going to Michigan State where he helped them win a title.