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Ah, but in the case of the Little Ice Age, there may have been more players in the game. The jet stream is a river of air that flows roughly west to east across the Earth.

I wrote about this in an earlier post, so you can get the details there.

He also points out that a weak cycle may not have an effect on our climate; we simply don’t know for sure. If the Sun has fewer sunspots and no flares, what difference does that make here on Earth? The Little Ice Age In the late 17th and early 18th centuries, much of Europe experienced incredibly cold winters.

People were ice skating on the Thames river (which was never before seen to have frozen, even in winter), glaciers in the Alps advanced, and the entire Dutch fleet of ships was frozen in its harbor.

As we like to say in the skeptic’s business: correlation does not imply causation. The Sun-Earth Connection What we need to ask is, can the solar cycle cause an ice age?

And even if it can, was the Little Ice Age sparked by the Maunder Minimum?

Oddly, summers were not much different, and much of the rest of the planet had normal winters (in North America winters were colder than normal, but not as bad as in Europe).

At the same time, the Sun was experiencing a 75-year long period later called The Maunder Minimum: few or no sunspots were to be found on the face of the Sun. And in fact, that’s the basis for this new claim that we might be entering an ice age: if no magnetic activity from the Sun once coincided with a cooling here on Earth, might it not do so again?

Some news sites are reporting it that way (of course, the execrable Daily Mail uses the headline "Earth facing a mini-Ice Age ‘within ten years’ due to rare drop in sunspot activity"; which isn’t even within a glancing blow of reality). ", where I interviewed approximately a bazillion people.