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I’m a tall and fairly curvy girl and you know something? Not trashy, but you definitely would look twice when I walked through a doorway. ” she said, “fingertip length” and I put my arms down by my sides and showed her that it was fingertip length.

The law allows station operators to offer self-service, it doesn’t compel the practice.

They'll make you wetter than a fat chick on her way to a buffet.

This story is actually pretty common — things like this happened a lot in the homeschool ballroom dance grassroots theater circles in Richmond. Not so much because it was something that did permanent damage to me, but because it is something I have seen happen over, and over and over to people I love and care for very much, and on what better day then mother’s day could I make a stand for the mothers, and the sisters, and the daughters and the friends who have been victims of this painful, traumatizing evil. The theme was “Twilight in Paris.” I got my dress, my shoes, we got our flowers and we waited eagerly for Saturday to arrive.

My dress was gorgeous, silver, and sparkly and I got it at Macy’s and was very excited to find it after searching over 6 stores for this dress.

I’m old enough to remember when self-serve gasoline stations were an innovation.

That was some time after filling station attendants stopped washing your windshield and checking your oil, or even giving you a free set of steak knives or glass tumblers with a fill-up along with actually pumping your fuel.

1, 2018, owners of gas stations in rural counties with small populations will have the option of letting customers pump their fuel themselves.

Farmers are experienced at pumping their own diesel fuel for tractors and other agricultural equipment, so introducing the practice in rural areas makes sense.

For the time being, because many of those rural gas stations have never installed gas pumps that can accept credit card payments, it will be a while before Oregon drivers can pull up, pay at the pump, fill their tank, and drive away.

Also, it’s not clear how much demand there will be for less service.

Maybe I expect too much from a society where advertisers make women feel smart for not knowing how to change a tire, but just look at the comments above in response to a local TV station’s Facebook posting about the new law.