Start Internet adult sex chat operator jobs in the uk

Internet adult sex chat operator jobs in the uk

They pay every week regularly for the live chats on a Thursday adn once a month for the text chats.

to be honest ive never heard a single complaint about them.

Excel sometimes dose not log a call and also because people phone and hang up without saying a word I mean 5 seconds after you have said hello.

All this could be done on line through skype or msn. I have worked for them for 4 years and apart from the occasional glitch they are excellent get paid weekly on time, occasionally, and I mean very occasionally a day late.

they allso advertise webcam workers now i would hate to do that and not get paid and also they have a 68 page introduction pack of do's and donts. and when they write to you on the back of the contract it says to get insured for car and house incase of damage to car or furniture. The text is very slow, the phones and cams are the best option.

You can have the calls to your home phone or another number if you're at friends place for the night.

They're no bother at all and you can see your earnings 24/7 whenever you want via their website.

IT's a total scam Please save yourself the heartache and avoid this company!

I only signed up yesterday and already doubt is creeping in no text chat in 24hrs. and they expect me to record 9 intro messages and do a test on the phone paying what rate i dont know, before i get to do phone chat. Bangles North East Excel telemedia is a totally kosher company, the rules and regulations are there for your protection, you are not allowed to talk about anything illegal which some less conscientious companies do allow.

I have been with excel for about 7 years now, have worked for other companies but these are the best, always paid on time except vary rarely a day late and they always tell you it will be late dont know about having to have insurance in case of damage to car or furniture never heard of that.can't see why you would have to you have t o record intros so customers know who they are speaking to and to choose the ones they like its easy to get started and once you earn £10 you get paid if you don't make 10 then get it with the rest of your earnings when you do..

and I agree with other poster could be someone trying to slander excel.

In the app there are 'chatrooms' including Everyone and Nearby.