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She does know that each visit went roughly the same way: “He would have me lie on my stomach on a table,” she says, “then he’d massage my back, using his elbows and forearms.” Nassar would work his way toward her butt — before kneading her vagina over her clothes. He’d offered to treat her after his normal office hours to accommodate her family’s schedule.

He also cultivated a close relationship with her parents, socializing with them in the neighborhood and declining to bill their health insurer, saying that he saw their daughter’s potential and wanted to help.

Lindsey’s mom, Christy Lemke-Akeo, was so grateful for the thoughtfulness of this high-profile doctor that she bought him bottles of his favorite scotch.

“Even sleeping was painful.” Nassar diagnosed her with a medical condition in which her vertebrae grew unevenly. In the meantime, he said, his treatments would loosen her muscles. From the beginning, Nassar offered a listening ear and thoughtful gestures.

Lindsey started seeing him several times a week, the treatments eventually moving to a makeshift clinic in the basement of his house, several doors down from Lindsey’s dad’s place. “If you had a bad day with a coach, he would talk to you about it,” she says.

Top coaches and doctors are elevated to godlike status, enjoying hours upon hours of unfettered access to sheltered young girls.

“Predators groom not only the child but also the community and the parents,” says Barbara Dorris, the victims’ managing director at the Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests, an advocacy group.

“I never wanted to take my leotard off,” she recalls. I’d do round-offs and back handsprings in the yard, in the dining room.” Seeing Lindsey’s potential, her coach referred her to a prestigious gym in Lansing called Twistars.

Soon, her mom, a dental assistant, was driving three hours round-trip after school every day to get her there and home.“The coaches worked me really hard,” remembers Lindsey.

Last December, Nassar was arrested for possessing thousands of images of child pornography.

He now faces criminal sexual-abuse charges and lawsuits from more than 100 alleged victims, whose claims against him stretch back to the ’90s. Lindsey was in kindergarten when she started taking gymnastics at a local gym in Bay City, Michigan.

“He told me that if he inserted a finger and pressure-pointed a certain area, it would make it feel better.” Lindsey saw Nassar at a clinic at Michigan State University, where he was a professor. Then he’d penetrate her for 15 to 20 minutes, massaging her back with his other hand. When it started, she was an eighth-grader who spent 30 hours a week in the gym and had never so much as held hands with a boy. ” As Lindsey was allegedly being sexually abused by Larry Nassar, similar cases were playing out all over the country.