Start Friend dating my crush

Friend dating my crush

The greatest anguish you have in your email is not about your loveless marriage, nor is it about the weirdness of copulating with your stepson.

Considering you’re a parent, you should have waited longer to move in and out of multiple boyfriends’ houses, don’t you think?

Maybe find some stability without a man, and teach your son that he comes first in your life. Listen, you have three more years until your son is 18.

You may not be a bad person, but, make no mistake, you’re about to do a very bad thing.

Wait…you’re trying to solve the lack of stability in your son’s life by shacking up with YET ANOTHER GUY?

Maybe you can possibly preserve your friendship because he’s so whipped on you that he can’t think straight.

But if I were advising him, I’d tell him to stay far away.

I realized now that he does not make me happy; however, his twenty-two year old son (my stepson) does make me happy.

He told my stepson that if he finds out something is going on, my stepson will be out the door.

After all, his son really needs a mother figure and since you make more than he does, he’ll be able to upgrade his home, his lifestyle and his future all by tying the knot with you. I won’t answer that for you, because I don’t think doing a bad thing makes someone a bad person, but I will say that if a man were to marry you under those circumstances, we might very well conclude that: a) He’s selfish – He’s failed at relationships and sees you as his safety school.

And even though he finds sex with you to be disgusting, you should just be happy to be with him as a platonic life partner. b) He’s a liar – To begin a relationship under false pretenses, such as “I don’t like sex” is really a poor foundation for a future, wouldn’t you agree?

For the first time in our six-year friendship, he said, "I'm starting to get you." We have two concert dates coming up. Ask for his i Pod, listen to it, and then hint that his is the greatest mind you've ever encountered in your life.