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The Irish government at the time refused its approval to protect Aer Lingus, but Britain–under Margaret Thatcher's deregulating Conservative government–approved the service.

In the background I could hear hubbub that made me think of TV’s The Bill or Prime Suspect: the faint sound of people chatting, the sense that DCI Seymour was at one desk and other detectives were hard at work on the case, too. I put the phone down, picked it up again and dialled 999.

Her ANSWER turned us from cautious sceptics into credulous fools. The dialling tone was normal, the phone rang and the response was as prompt and efficient as a law-abiding citizen could wish for.

The banks conceded we were victims of an understandable gullibility.

is an Irish low-cost airline founded in 1984, headquartered in Swords, Dublin, Ireland, with its primary operational bases at Dublin and London Stansted airports.

Meanwhile, DCI Seymour kept me on the line, supposedly keeping us abreast of the activities of the criminals who had cloned our cards. She told me my case was not an emergency and I should dial 101 for my local police service.

With mounting anxiety, I explained that I had dialled 999 the night before and that my call had been put through to an officer.

Her manner was solicitous, reassuring and practical.

When I asked my wife to pour me a glass of wine, DCI Seymour heard me on the other end of the phone.

But first we’ll need your PIN numbers.’ That should, of course, have rung alarm bells. We can get you emergency funds of £300 delivered to you by 3pm tomorrow.

How many times have we all been told, ‘Never, never give your PIN number to anyone. We hesitated — and this is where DCI Seymour scored again. ‘Tap them into the phone and they will be sent straight to our technical team.’ DCI Seymour kept reassuring us that all would be well. We’ll debit it from your HSBC account and I’ll call you again tomorrow at noon.’It was all so comforting.

The inspector then broke the news that someone had cloned my wife’s card and was using it to make major purchases.