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Snapchat has an unsavory reputation thanks to its humble beginnings as a dick-pic superhighway, but it's come a long way.

Boxer Mayweather, left, is reported to have been a witness to the deaths as Hayes had called him in a rage over his wife's infidelity.

Hayes was once signed to Floyd Mayweather's record label and the couple often partied with the boxing champ Grammy-nominated Songz - real name Tremaine Aldon Neverson - earned the nickname 'Mr Steal Your Girl' from his songs that talk about his various conquests and brag about stealing other men's girlfriends.

The campaign group folded last year after 17 years when its founder, former Natwest banker Derek French, admitted they were powerless to stop more branch closures.'There's no hope of changing anything. Banks have tried to fend off criticism by dispatching mobile branches to the most rural areas. These are generally large vans or buses which offer services to customers such as depositing cash and making withdrawals.

The BBA says customers are able to do face-to-face banking in more than 20,000 bank branches and post offices.

Horror show: Rachel Poole (left), who is nine months pregnant, was stabbed multiple times by an intruder in her home as her husband Justin (right), who is deployed overseas, watched in horror on video chat On Wednesday, a furious Justin Pele Poole took to his Facebook page to express his anger with the situation, writing in part: 'I promised to give my life for this freedom not the other way around.

A huge rise in the number of online chats between bank staff and savers has sparked fears of further branch closures.

In a report released today, called The Way We Bank Now, the BBA says: 'Customers are increasingly adopting web and video chat to contact their bank, giving them access on their sofa, on the go or at work.'Critics fear banks are investing in this technology so they can accelerate plans to close down branches, which are expensive to run.

Janet Morrison, chief executive of charity Independent Age, says: 'New ways to access banking can offer flexibility to customers and services like text alerts can help people manage their money.'But, going 'digital by default' risks disadvantaging a large group of people, many of whom are more likely to be older.'Banks must ensure that customers can access services, advice and offers using their preferred method of communication, whether that be over the internet, on the telephone or in person.'But banks say footfall in branches is dramatically falling as many choose to bank online and on their mobiles.

The data, from the British Bankers' Association, shows 536 branches were fitted with video banking facilities in 2016.

But in the same year, a similar number of branches were closed, and another 460 branches will shut their doors this year.

The development will fuel concerns that the ease with which people can spend ‘guilt-free’ is driving a debt bubble.