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Farmers only dating website

We have assembled an exceptional team of research scientists to take on this task and have gained wide support from grower groups and key players in the seed industry.

Once we have identified such DNA markers, breeders will be able to use them to develop improved varieties more rapidly and easily.

Economic and social research will complement the genomics research by focusing on institutions and policies that will maximize the growth potential of the soybean industry.

There are three important challenges for developing high yielding soybean varieties that are well-suited to Canadian conditions: short growing season, varieties resistant to pests and diseases, and farmer adoption.

Genomics offers essential new tools to aid in these important challenges.

It is a multipurpose crop whose seeds are an extremely valuable source of both protein and oil.

From an environmental point of view, it is also highly attractive, as it does not need any chemical fertilizer to provide it with nitrogen.

The spectacular progress in sequencing technologies has made it possible to characterize the genetic makeup of crops.

By probing deep into the genetic code of soybeans, it is possible to identify DNA markers that control key aspects of plant growth, such as the time needed to reach maturity and resistance to diseases and pests.

After the UV dose is established, the effect on the physical parameters of wheat and corn will be measured, including moisture content, p H, protein and water activity.

Agricultural extension (technology transfer) is a key component to ensure the ongoing competitiveness and sustainability of the Ontario grain sector.

A range of UV-C irradiance will be tested for the experiments by adjusting the distance between grain surface and UV source and by changing the number of UV sources.