Start Farm animal dating site

Farm animal dating site

We are continually adding to our library of information as our caregivers and veterinarians explore treatment options and discover new care information.

Please inquire for any additional services you may need. For any after-hours emergencies, please text (808)757-9363 and include your name, your pet’s name and the nature of the emergency.

When this level of experience, expertise and enthusiasm is coupled with a full out of hours emergency service and personable approach, it is not hard to see why the Stanley House Farm animal team continues to grow year upon year.

Download our guide on how to start a farm animal sanctuary.

With five full time vets, as well as four support staff, the farm side of the large animal department provides care for all manner of production animals.

With close to one hundred years of shared experience, the farm animal vets are adept in all fields of production animal husbandry, health and welfare.

Led by the pigs Snowball (Trotsky) and Napoleon (Stalin), the animals attempt to create a utopian society.

Soon, however, Napoleon gets a taste for power, drives out Snowball, and establishes a totalitarian regime as brutal and corrupt as any human society.

Becoming a specialist involves an additional 4 years of training, vigorous examinations and research to achieve a greater understanding of internal medicine, disease processes, and all aspects of livestock medicine and surgery.