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Elijah wood thoughts on dating

The 2nd and 3rd fire signs are nuclear terrorist attacks on Manhattan and East of London around Dartford producing mushroom clouds rising from the Hudson and the Thames. For the lightning of Matthew24 shines from the East/Sunrise to the West/Sunset and Matthew16:1-4 and Luke -56 indicate that these fire signs occur at sunrise or at sunset, beginning the summer of the harvest of the saints.

1AC Adam continues to enter into Zoar until 2019Nisan10 (2019April15/16). 2019Nisan22/2019Sivan11, Kingdom first fruits/Pentecost, 1NC first fruits/Pentecost is the appointment/installation of the Kingdom of God (under God).

The final Passover of 1AC Adam is 2019Tammuz14, the late 3rd Abrahamic Passover, which is 2019July18/19, the end of entry into the first death (Hades).

So that extends the period for 12 months plus 110 days from 2016Elul30 to 2017Tebbeth20.

The entire Watchtower Governing body from 1976 is now dead.

Then they are set up in the 1NC reserve autonomous congregation of Zoar. They were waters of the Jordan who chose to be cut off from the mediator of their water baptism and then God cut them off]This persuades them to board the escape boat of John on 2017Tebbeth21, the last day of Laodicean Cakes.

The Passover is the time honoured manner in which God deals with rulers who enslave his people. From 2017Shebat22 to 2017Adar30, when the last 1NC reserve jumps off the overhand of the false church of the Watchtower into the sea of the world in order to drown in the waters of the 4EC at the end of 2,000 pigs of Makr5 from 2012Elul10, the end of the 2nd presence when the 1NC reserves became swine, unclean in the flesh due to losing their water baptism. Jesus' body was uninhabited and dead until it was put into the tomb.

Then it was further delayed still by the 7 month kingship malediction of the Laodicean Gentile Times from 2016Tishri15 to 2017Iyyar15 (when the 3rd holy spirit, Jesus' wife, the 144,000 1NC Kings were not permitted to rule over God's people).

The 3rd Holy Spirit was appointed/installed as Caesar to Zoar on 2017Tammuz16/Tishri5 (Late Zoar first fruits/the late Zoar Pentecost for a 2nd appointment).

The UK sign may occur a sunrise and the US sign may occur at sunset The Kingdom of God began judicially on 2008Nisan22.

But its manifestation on earth was delayed by three 7 year maledictions, a Kingdom Exedenic Times from 2008Nisan14/15 to 2015Nisan14/15 (when no entrance into the 3rd Holy Spirit was possible), a Watchtower/Kingdom 1NC Alienation Times from 2008Sivan11 to 2015Sivan11 (when the 2nd presence 3rd Holy Spirit could not act as priest to 1NC reserves) and a Kingdom Gentile Times from 2009Tishri15 to 2016Tishri15.

The Watchtower suffered a 40 year wilderness penalty from 1976Tishri1 (for giving up on chronology after their 1975 failure, having spied out the possibilities for future predictions and produced a bad report) to 2016Elul30 (the end of the old secular secular year).

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