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Dirty free facetime chat

But if the Skype phone is at the other end of the room, you would probably want to put it on speakers.

There are lots more things you can do with Skype apps, such as launching multiple..., but not me.

We previously covered Seaside Multi-Skype Launcher back in the days of the Make Use Of Directory. When they are all on the screen, click Start Skype with all Accounts, and all your Skypes will boot up at once. When each one is running, go into the options, to General Settings, and deselect Start Skype when I start Windows.

Our recommendation is to use Seaside which we will talk about below.

They won’t even know they are talking to you on Skype if you don’t tell them.

But the virus alerts just kept on coming…ignore that one and focus on Seaside.

Yaara seemed to find Multi-Skype Launcher OKSkype is a useful and popular chat and Vo IP application, which can become even more useful after installing some Skype apps.

This is definitely the software to have, if you are running three or more Skype instances at once. Just click Add Account and enter the Skype ID and password. As you can see from the above screenshot, Seaside already takes care of starting them all up when Windows starts.